You Want a Beautiful Wedding Video

You want it to capture the thoughtful details of your big day and the feeling of being there. You want to watch it with loved ones for a lifetime, so it’s got to be professional, creative, and heartwarming. How can you make sure that your video is a beautiful reflection of your big day?


The Most Memorable Format

The vintage format of “super 8” film is a forgotten treasure that is timelessly beautiful, especially in our modern day. Originally released in the 1960s, this style of filmmaking is perfect for weddings because it is nostalgic, personable, and heartwarming by its very nature. Take a look at the film I shot below so you can see how incredible it is for yourself.


You’ve Found the Right Filmmaker

There are a lot of people and companies to choose from when it comes to filming your wedding. Deciding on a filmmaker can be overwhelming, but how would it feel to have peace of mind leading up to your wedding day? You can be certain that you will have a beautiful, unique film that you are truly happy with.


I’ve not only filmed dozens of weddings, but I’ve worked as a project manager and assisted directors in Hollywood studios. I offer the combination of professionalism and creativity to make sure all the details are taken care of. You can focus on enjoying your wedding and I’ll make a film that helps you remember it for the rest of your life. – Greg Sanders


It’s Simple to Work with Me

  1. Get a Quote. Send me some initial details about you and your wedding day and I’ll be happy to send you a quote!

  2. Grab a Drink. We’ll meet over coffee or the phone to discuss the wedding, the contract, and any particulars I should know.

  3. Send a Deposit. After sending a deposit, I’m confirmed for your wedding. You won’t have to worry about your video anymore!